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Sea Grant Program

Lee County, located in Southwest Florida, is a great place to live. Much of its allure comes from the surrounding estuarine and marine environment. Lee County beaches extend 50 miles, with over 100 coastal islands and it has 283 square miles of inland waterways and many offshore artificial reefs. This environment is under increasing pressure from land use changes related to population growth, stormwater runoff, declining water quality and conflicting use issues. With these pressures come challenges and with these challenges come opportunities. This is where Sea Grant comes in.

Florida Sea Grant's mission is to enhance the practical use and conservation of the state's coastal and marine resources to create a sustainable economy and environment.

Marine Sea Grant Events:

2015 SW Florida Fisheries Regulations and Management Workshop, January 20.  See Marine Calendar to register.

he Lee County Sea Grant program develops comprehensive needs-based educational program in areas such as:

Value of Recreational Fishing and Boating in Lee County

Angler Actions to Minimize Impact on Pelicans

Pine Island Sound Scallop Search -  (Video from Boca Grande, Saturday, August 4)
UF/IFAS Lee County Extension and the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation participated in the 2012 Pine Island Sound Scallop Search, a resource-monitoring program in which volunteers snorkel, looking for scallops in select areas within Pine Island Sound. 

: To monitor and document the health and status of the bay scallop population. 

How it works: Up to 40 boats are needed with as many as 150 participants to search selected sites in Pine Island Sound and San Carlos Bay for the elusive “bay scallop.” 

: Large populations of bay scallops (Argopecten irradians) disappeared from Southwest Florida waters decades ago due in large part to degraded water quality, related declines in seagrass acreage, over-harvesting and other causes.  Water quality and seagrasses have improved in many areas to levels that may once again support these important bivalves.

Ebb & Flow - Newsletter
Florida Sea Grant Extension - October 2011

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Website
    The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) oil spill website,    
    hosted by the four GOM Sea Grant programs,
    provides visitors with access to a wealth of
    data concerning the Deepwater Horizon oil
    spill. Website content will be continually
    updated, and visitors should check back
    often for new and revised information.

    Hurricanes and the Oil Spill

Cold Weather

    Reminder about cold weather and stressed
    marine life

Saltwater Fishing License
Beginning August 1, 2009, a saltwater fishing license will be required for Florida residents who fish from shore.

Recreational Boating
    Find out how to protect your boat during hurricane
    season, and protect the environment when you
    are boating....

    Boat US Hurricane Warning

    Are you and Your Boat Ready?

Sustainable Fishing
    Fact Sheet on Recreational Shellfish Harvesting in SW Florida

    Organize Derelict Crab Trap Event

Sport Fishing

Ocean and Coastal Literacy
    Mangroves and a Sustainable Environment

Marine Debris



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