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Mangroves are an essential part of Southwest Florida’s coastal environment.  These unique trees can be seen along the coast in our brackish calmer water environments.   Mangroves provide small fish and shellfish food and shelter from predators.  It is estimated that 70-90% of commercially and recreationally important fish species spend part of their life cycles in estuarine habitats such as mangrove forests.  Mangroves also help filter nutrients and pollutants from our estuarine waters, improving water quality for swimming, boating and fishing. Mangroves buffer our coast from large storm events such as hurricanes, stabilize our shorelines and help prevent erosion. Mangroves in Florida are protected by law.  

On February 27th, 2013 UF/IFAS/Lee County Extension and Florida Sea Grant hosted a Mangrove Symposium. Forty two participants attended the workshop to learn the value of mangroves, understand the rules and laws that govern mangrove trimming and learn mangrove pruning and growing techniques. Workshop presentations and handouts are below:



The Biology and Value of Mangroves. By  Joy Hazell

Mangrove Identification. By Stephen Brown

Mangrove Rules and Regulations. By Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Becoming a Professional Mangrove Trimmer. By David Jones

Mangrove Restorations. By Roy R. “Robin” Lewis III

Protecting the Waterfront with Florida Friendly Landscaping. By Tom Becker



Mangroves and a Sustainable Environment. By Joy Hazell

1996 Mangrove Trimming & Preservation Act.

Mangrove Trimming Guidelines for Homeowners. By Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Application for Professional Mangrove Trimmer Status. By Florida Department of Environmental Protection

How Successful Mangrove Forest Restoration Informs the Process of Successful General Wetland Restoration. By Roy R. “Robin” Lewis III

Wetlands Science and Practice. By Roy R. “Robin” Lewis III



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