Lee County Extension
Recreational Boating

Lee County is 4th in the state for boat registration with approximately 51,000 registered vessels, the majority of which are smaller than 26 feet.   

There is a reason for this.  Lee County has wonderful boating and coastal resources.  Its beaches extend 50 miles; it has 283 square miles of inland waterways and over 100 coastal islands.  The County is bisected by the Caloosahatchee River, which is part of the Federal Intra-Coastal Waterway. 

30% of the County’s inland waterways are shallow seagrass meadows and there are numerous mangrove islands throughout the estuaries.  These habitats support approximately 246 species of fish including many species important to commercial and recreational fisheries.

Lee County Sea Grant works with the Clean Boating Partnership, local marinas and boat cleaning companies and individual boat owners to promote voluntary stewardship of our marine, estuarine and coastal environments. The Agent educates boaters on ways they can protect their personal property from hurricanes and other natural disasters.  We also work with local law enforcement and county government to promote boater safety.

Boating and the Environment

Responsible Boating Protects Seagrasses

Best Management Practices for Boat Cleaning

Are You and Your Boat Ready For Hurricane Season?

Boater Information and Safety

Lee County Boaters Guide

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC) Boating and Waterways Program

BoatUS Foundation Online Safety Course:  BoatUS offers a free online boater safety course.  This course meets boater education requirements under Florida law.

How to Boat Smart; Florida Boating Safety Course

More information on Boater Education from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


For information on local boating safety courses please contact Joy Hazell, 239-533-7518 or hazellje@leegov.com


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