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December 2011


November 2011

11/30:  Florida snow; spiraling whitefly; wild coffee
11/10:  Buttonbush; palm roots; saltbush


October 2011

10/6:  Coconut & lightning; Gaillardia; tubeflower


September 2011

09/22:  Hedges and screens; live oak dying; Extension clip


August 2011

08/26:  Cabbage palms; resurrection fern; walkable groundcovers
08/12:  Strangler fig; weedy melaleuca


July 2011

07/29:  Mailbox plants; swamp lily; cisterns & rain barrels on Angtigua
07/8:  Lubber grasshopper; two-leaf nightshade; Australian pine


June 2011

06/17:  Crinum lily; hedge cactus; insecticides & acaricides
06/8:  Buttonwood; Indian Hawthorn problems


May 2011

05/27:  Gaillardia clip; blood lily
05/9:  Norfolk & Hurricane effect; red-silk cotton; tree bougainvillea


April 2011

04/13:  Walter's viburnum; queen's wreath clip; key plants/key pests
04/8:  Dinner plate tree; jaboticaba; salt tolerance of fruiting plants


March 2011

03/31:  Wisteria clip ; hibiscus problems; small trees
03/22:  Brown patch clip
03/4:  Red silk-cotton clip; wax myrtle


February 2011

02/25:  Cold damaged Latan palms clip; flame vine; weevils in Sansevieria
02/18:  Walter's viburnum; scale on wild tamarind; Hong Kong orchid
02/11:  Weevils in Canary Island clip; flowering peach


January 2011

01/21:  Whitefly on cocoplum; golden creeper
01/11:  Winged sumac



December 2010

12/17:  Xmas bush pp; cold weather clip; P runoff clip; FL wax scale clip; ornamental diseases
12/6:  Hibiscus problems pp; largeflower pusley pp; palm nutrition; small trees

November 2010

11/19:  Xmas Senns pp; seaside goldenrod; News-Press clips
11/12:  Shady lady; saltbush pp; News-Press clips


10/18:  Golden rain tree; snowbush caterpillars clips; News-Press clip
10/11:  Earleaf acacia pp; palm insects; News-Press clip
10/1:  Australian pine clip; News-Press clips

September 2010

09/17:  Mailbox plants; News-Press clips
09/10:  News-Press clips; Plant Dr. clip

August 2010

08/27:  Irrigation request; palmetto weevil clip; News-Press clips
08/13:  Palmetto weevil clip; News-Press clip
08/06:  Sod webworm clip; plant diseases; native plants library; News-Press clip

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