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Managing Pests Appropriately

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2 Landscape avoids plants highly prone to pest attack. 70
2 The landscape is checked every 1 to 2 weeks for signs of problems, and pests and beneficials are identified. 69
2 Non-chemical approaches to pest control, such as pruning off affected areas, hand removing insects, etc., are used whenever possible. 72
For a yard in which NO pesticides are used (Golden Oak level requires either this practice OR the next two practices):
10 No pesticides are used in the landscape. 69
For a yard in which pesticides are used (if pesticides are used, Golden Oak level requires both of these practices):
4 Only biological and biorational pesticides (i.e., horticultural oils, insecticidal soaps, B.t.) are used when needed. 73
4  “Weed and Feed” products containing herbicides and fertilizer together are not used. 53

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