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The Florida Master Gardeners (MG) are volunteers, trained by and working with the University of Florida IFAS Extension Agents. First, every MG enjoys gardening and uses their experience and skills to teach other gardeners. MGs are gardening teachers working with individuals as well as small groups presenting science-based solutions to plant or pest problems.

Gardeners with home landscapes, vegetable or community garden plots or fruit tree growing experience often apply to become MGs. Once selected, a MG in training attends 15, one-day a week classes. Classes are both indoors and outdoor and include lectures, study exercises, plant identification quizzes and walking tours.  Over 15 weeks, trainees learn hundred of Southwest Florida landscape and edible plants. 

To get started, a brief interview is scheduled after a gardener completes an application form available on-line at Master Gardener application.  35 applicants are selected for each class. 

Note:  In 2013, the MG training class met weekly from 9AM to 3:45PM, January 11 to April 27 at the Extension Office.  Cost was $130.  The 2014 training class will start in late August-September and conclude in December.  Applicants are encouraged to contact the Master Gardener Coordinator, Stephen Brown, in advance.  Applicants will be invited to participate with MGs prior to the first training class in August.  Call 239-533-7513 or email brownsh@leegov.com.

Finally, each trainee agrees to volunteer 60 hours by either speaking, working in a demonstration garden or answering questions from callers to the Horticulture Help Desk. 

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