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All About the Master Gardener Program


What is the Master Gardener Program All About?

  • Master Gardener Information Brochure
  • The Master Gardener Program provides gardeners with intensive education in home horticultural principles. Participants who complete the program are certified as Master Gardeners by the Florida Extension Service.
  • Working with the Extension Agent, Master Gardeners provide volunteer service to their community in gardening activities. Activities include answering gardening questions, conducting plant clinics, public speaking, citrus home visits, maintaining demonstration gardens and working directly with the Agent on short-term research projects.
  • After receiving intensive horticultural training and satisfactorily meeting other program requirements, Master Gardeners are required to volunteer for 50 hours of active service each year.
  • Many Master Gardeners far exceed the required service hours, some giving over 200 hours per year. Many also continue in the program beyond the first year because of their interest and willingness to help others and the personal satisfaction derived from participation in this University of Florida based program.


Is the Master Garden Program for You?

To help you decide, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to learn more about plants, growing things, and gardening?
  • Am I eager to participate in a practical and intensive training program?
  • Am I willing to work with the Horticulture, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Florida Yard and Neighborhoods Agent on special projects?
  • Do I look forward to sharing my knowledge with people in my community?
  • Do I have enough time to attend the training and to complete my volunteer work?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, the Master Gardener Program could be for you.



Continued Master Gardener Training

  • The learning process never ends for Master Gardeners. Continued training is offered numerous times each year on the local and state levels to keep Master Gardeners up-to-date on the latest horticultural information.
  • Our bi- monthly training consist of updates of garden problems, a recount of Master Gardener activities and often a guest speaker.
  • The Master Gardener State training is in the fall. This is your chance to meet other great volunteers.
  • Other training is offered, when and where appropriate.


How to become a Master Gardener

  • The desire to help others is a first and absolute requirement. A personal commitment to complete the training and to serve the required volunteer service hours is equally important.
  • To learn more about becoming a Master Gardener, contact Horticulture Program Leader, Stephen Brown at 239-533-7513, or email him at brownsh@leegov.com . Enrollment is limited and selection is highly competitive, so call today and learn how you can become a Florida Master Gardener.
  • For more information, visit the Florida Master Gardener websites at http://gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edu/mastergardener/.


The Application Process

You may apply to become a Master Gardener.

Fill out this Master Gardener Application Form

Then return the completed form to:
Lee County Extension Office
3410 Palm Beach Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL, 33916
Attention: Stephen Brown, Horticulture Program Leader


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