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Our yards and neighborhoods are pathways to our waterways. The decisions we make--from developing a home site to improving and maintaining our property--will determine the future of our treasured water resources. The Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program provides educational and outreach activities for homeowners using nine simple steps starting with, “planting the right plant at the right place.” Learn more at the Eco-Living Center at Rutenberg Park in Ft Myers. Attend a free weekly guided tour…. of our sustainable landscape every Wednesday at 10:30AM. Schedule a group tour by calling 239-533-7505. Submit your questions to Extgardener@leegov.com. You will receive an answer from the Horticulture Help Desk.  Your question may appear with an answer in the News-Press Gardening Q & A Column written bi-weekly by Tom Becker and the Lee County Master Gardeners.


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Shrub Identification presented at the Fall Native Plant Identification Series - September 18, 2009

Rain Barrel and Rain Gardens:  A Harvest to Harvesting Rainwater (Impatica) (pdf)  - Please write us for a complete copy at Lee County Extension Office, 3410 Palm Beach Blvd.., Fort Myers, FL  33916

Frequently Asked Questions about Landscape Irrigation for Florida-Friendly Landscaping Ordinances

Frequently Asked Questions about Landscape Fertilization for Florida-Friendly Landscaping Ordinance

Frequently Asked Questions about Florida-Friendly Landscaping

News-Press.com on-line.  Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is Vulnerable to Nusiance Exotic Plants and Animals.   Article by Kevin Lollary

News-Press on-line Water restrictions, penalties.  Know the Rules.    January 9, 2008

Recommendations for A Drought Resistant Landscape   July 2007

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Best Management Practices for the Enhancement of Water Quality on Florida Golf Courses

Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices for the Protection of Water Resources in Florida

Industrias en Áreas Verdes de Florida Las Prácticas Más Adecuadas Para la Conservación del Agua en Florida



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