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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a Landscape Designer or Architect to design my yard?
A. It is not necessary to hire somebody to design your yard. A little planning and a site evaluation will enable you to create your paradise

Q. Does my yard have to be planted with all native plants?
A. A Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Certified Yard can have a variety of plants in it including ornamental trees or palms, shrubs, flowering perennials, fruit trees, herbs as long as they are planted in the right place for their cultural needs.

Q. I have a big lawn, is that OK?
A. Turfgrass (lawns) are very good groundcovers for kids to play on, dogs to romp through, high foot traffic areas, swales and a place for the occasional car to park on. Note, it serves a function, if it is there to just mow, you might consider a lower maintenance groundcover. Good maintenance is essential

Q. How much does it cost to have my yard certified?
A. There is no charge for yard certification, only a commitment from the individual to follow Florida friendly maintenance guidelines.

Q. Are the yard police going to fine me if I do something wrong?
A. The evaluations are conducted by Yard Advisors/Master Gardener Volunteers who are not regulatory inspectors. There will be no fines.

Q. What if my yard doesn’t achieve the required points for yard certification?
A. No worries, the volunteers will explain ways to improve your landscape practices and get you on track to achieve certification the next time. You make the changes and reschedule a site evaluation

Q. Can I have my yard designed by someone for free?
A. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to provide this service. We also are NOT licensed to do landscape designs drawn to scale, with numbers of specific pot sizes, plant costs and irrigation systems drawn out. What we can provide are suggestions for putting the right plant in the right place and which plants can be grouped together according to their cultural needs.

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