Lee County Extension
Family And Consumer Resources

The Family and Consumer Sciences Department provides comprehensive education to Lee County residents in the areas of consumer education, human development, nutrition, health, and food safety. Our professional educators strive to improve the quality and standards of personal and family life by providing high quality educational programs. These programs are intended to allow consumers to make sound personal and economic decisions and enjoy a healthy, productive, more fulfilling life.


Safe Handling of Food and Water in a Hurricane or Related Disaster

Safe Handling to Keep Food and Water Safe as Weather Sweeps Across Nation in related Disasters - Click on  Gourmet Meals without Electricity under Publication A-Z..... More


USDA Offers Tips to Keep Food Safe as Weather Sweeps Across Nation

USDA Offers Tips to Keep Food Safe as Weather Sweeps Across Nation..... More

New and Revised Families and Consumers Publications

Look at the latest publications from IFAS University of Florida regarding Families and Consumers publications..... More

Food Preservation and Home Canning Classes - 2014

Gather a group of 9 friends interested in food preservation.  Choose the topic.  Fee based on type of class..... More

Coursera to offer University of Florida Courses Online for Free


    New Credit Card Protections

    Federal Reserve has launched a new website at.  More....


    Food at Reduced Cost

    Information on food program that is helpful to Extension clients. More...


    burgers and sausage on the grillFood Safety

    Find out about the program that trains people about food safety, allowing Floridians to have a clean, safe food supply.   More...


    Blast Off Game (USDA)

    USDA created game for Nutrition..... More

    Video Clips -
    Celia Hill's Appearance

      Radiation in Food

    Japan's alarm over radiation found in spinach and milk has raised questions, given that little is known about it effect on the human body..... More


      Over 50 Heating Cold Cuts

    Should people over 50 heat cold cuts to avoid listeria? ..... More

    Money-Management Resources

    Go to money-management on publication page and click on different categories for information on what can help you get (and keep) your daily cash flow in check.... More....

    Kids in the Kitchen, Healthy Eating Healthy You!

    If you think being the family chef is tough -- try sharing some of the cooking duties with your kids!  There are many easy recipes kids..... More...

    Information on Food Hotlines

    Hear it on the Food Hotlines that was set up by the University of Nebraska..Help is Only A FREE Call Away.... More...

       Financial Crisis

    Information for helping individuals with financial crisis .... More


    Investing for your Future

    Information on Investing for the Future Home Study Course from Rutgers University... More

    Social Security Estimator

    The Estimator is a very easy to use on-line calculator that helps you see an estimate of what your benefits will be at 62, full retirement and age 70...More


    ABC's of Avoiding Foreclosure

    The ABC's of avoiding Home Foreclosure Workshop covers the topics of... More

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