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What is the SustainabLEE Program?

    Referred to as the SustainabLEE Program, the Sustainability Program in Lee County has been created because of the need to preserve the values of our natural environment and resources, while enabling the capacity to meet the economic, social and political challenges for achieving the necessary balance toward a more sustainable community.
The SustainabLEE Program is helping to connect individuals, businesses and government; promoting sustainability in a wide range of aspects including sustainable agriculture, water conservation, ‘green’ buildings and energy efficient techniques which are cost competitive, environmentally compatible and renewable.
    The program contributes to improving our quality of life through living-green choices, therefore reducing our ecological footprint while contributing to minimizing the impact of global warming.
    Given the extreme NEED to act now in the face of Climate Change and the depletion of fossil oil resources, the program is also focused on promoting the development and implementation of alternative renewable energies. Energy is the fuel of growth; it is the essential requirement for economic and social development. Climate change offers us real opportunities and challenges to develop and place our society on a more sustainable path.
SustainabLEE offers opportunities to show our ability to preserve the future of our planet and hence our children’s future, considering that we have the bigger mission, “ONE PLANET TO SAVE”.
    As you seek the means to becoming better stewards of the environment, we welcome your contact and support so that together we can explore green solutions for our economic and environmental welfare. 

The solutions are in our hands!

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Roy Beckford

Fitzroy (Roy) Beckford
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Farm&Pasture Development,
Sustainability Program
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