Lee County Extension
Agriculture Resources

Through consultations, on-site demonstrations and workshops the Agriculture / Natural Resources Agent provides the latest information in Crop Production, Produce Marketing, Pesticide Use and Education, and Livestock and Range Management.

Crop Production


Growers need to maintain a competitive edge in farming. New farming practices are often adopted only after local growers become convinced of their practical benefits.

This program:

  • Enhances technology transfer by on-farm demonstrations of new farming practices
  • Provides research-based information about vegetables and tropical fruits
  • Assists growers with their specific production problems
  • Tests adaptability of new plant cultivars to local conditions

Produce Marketing

Lee County growers occupy or grow vegetables and tropical fruit on more than 7,520 acres which have totaled more than $514 million in receipts. They are competitors in a dynamic global marketplace. The need for market planning is critical.


  • Helps develop marketing strategies for local growers and distributors
  • Improves the abilities of growers and distributors to compete in a global market
  • Helps develop alternative crops for market window opportunities

Pesticide Use and Education

The agent helps growers stay abreast of rapidly changing state and federal pesticide laws. The program provides ready information on all aspects of farm chemicals.

This Program:

  • Trains and provides certified pesticide applicators for the agricultural industry
  • Delivers continuing education about pesticide use to farm owners and pesticide applicators
  • Works towards the reduction of pesticide use through the adoption of an Integrated Pest Management approach to farming
  • Deals with regulatory issues facing growers today

Livestock and Range Management

Lee County has more than 14,000 head of cattle. Livestock rearing and marketing are important features of life. The agricultural agent helps ranchers remain productive through workshops and on-site consultations.

This Program:

  • Assists ranchers in cattle and horse health management
  • Provides information about developing better pastures
  • Addresses marketing changes in the cattle industry
  • Addresses issues regarding land usage and environmental regulations
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