Lee County Extension
4-H and Youth Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What do kids do in 4-H?
A: Have fun learning! They involve themselves in projects, from agriculture to zoology, and with the help of adult volunteers, carry out fun activities for the whole year. For example, they can build a rocket, birdhouse, food pyramid, create fishing tackle, crafts, a play, learn the essentials of ecology, sewing, farming, compete in fairs, animal shows, public speaking contests. Plan community involvement! They give back to the community, collect books for needy children, entertain at nursing homes, sew teddy bears to give away – the list is endless. Meet lots of friends! 4-Hers come together for camps, fairs, local activities and competitions that can lead all the way to national events. Being involved in 4-H is having membership in a global youth network.

Q: How can I join 4-H?
A: There are several ways to join 4-H in Lee County: To become a member, find a club in your area Lee County 4-H Clubs and speak with the organizational leader. To join as a volunteer, call the Lee County 4-H office to complete an application and be interviewed.

Q: How do I start a 4-H club?
A: One adult leader and at least five youth and families must commit to a year of project-related experiences. Once the leader is screened, trained and approved a location is found to have meetings and a name and year plan voted and approved by the members.

Q: Why should I start a 4-H club?
A: Starting a 4-H club gives you an opportunity to give back to your community; to provide a safe, fun, and positive learning environment for youth; and to continue your personal development--and it all comes with the satisfaction of knowing you've helped future generations.

Q: How do I volunteer with 4-H?
A: Volunteers are the life blood of Lee County 4-H. From the short-term volunteer as a project judge in an expertise to a year round leader, there are many different ways you can volunteer. For more information, please visit our Volunteer page.

Q: Is 4-H only in rural areas?
A: Definitely not! There are 4-H clubs in both urban and rural areas, and even on college campuses. There are organized clubs, short term interest clubs, 4-H Afterschool, school enrichment programs, camps, family mentoring units, and instructional TV programs.

Q: Has anyone famous ever been in 4-H?
A: Yes, 4-H has many successful alumni of whom you may have heard. Look in our Distinguished 4-H Alumni Database for more information.

Q: Does 4-H have camps? Where are they held?
A: Lee County camps at Camp Cloverleaf in Lake Placid for 8-12 years old during the summer. Florida State 4-H Camping has four camps locations for all youth.

Q: What can 4-H do for teachers?
A: Teachers can use 4-H curricula in their classrooms, access 4-H after-school programs, and even start their own 4-H clubs. For more information, please visit our 4-H Afterschool.

Q: Does 4-H have after-school programs?
A: Yes! 4-H Afterschool trains after-school staff and develops quality after-school programs where young people learn leadership, citizenship and life skills. Visit our 4-H Afterschool for more information.

Q: Does 4-H have materials for parents who are home schooling their kids?
A: All of our educational materials are appropriate for any educator. See our 4-H Curriculum.

Q: I'm in college--can I join 4-H?
A: Yes! 4-H has a new collegiate program. Check out the UF Collegiate 4-H site for more information.

Q: How can I donate money to 4-H clubs or programs?
A: Funds are needed for scholarships, camp fees, and youth conferences. Contact the Lee County 4-H Office at 239-533-7516 to find out more.

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