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About Lee County 4-H

Florida 4-H is the youth development program of the University of Florida Extension.

The Lee County 4-H Extension provides development opportunities for 4-H youth members through traditional 4-H clubs, school enrichment and special interest programs.

Who is 4-H for?

4-H is for everyone. Well, OK we can get a little more specific.

4-H accepts boys and girls from widely diverse groups of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. There are tons of things to do and "projects" to choose from. The choices are yours to make.

We even need adult volunteers willing to start and lead or mentor some of our groups. There's a role for practically everyone to play in 4-H!

How old do I need to be?

Easy. All adults are welcome to be potential leaders. All you need to start a club is a responsible adult leader and five youth!

Here's the breakdown:

  • Age 5- 7 Cloverbuds
  • Age 8-10 Juniors
  • Age 11-13 Intermediates
  • Age 14-18 Seniors

There are a few limits for things like handling large animals and some competitive events, but nothing can stop you from having a lot of fun!

How do I join 4-H?

It's really quite easy. Your first step should be to talk to an adult about it. Adult volunteers are essential to the mix and are trained to provide leadership and guide 4-H members in community and other activities.

4-H is really a family affair. We need everyone to be involved because there's a lot to do and lots of places to go. You all need to know this right away because we don't want that to be a surprise. You're going to need their help and they need to be willing to help you.

Next, contact the 4-H program at the local Extension office. You can contact us here. We will need to get some basic information from you.

After that, we may need to mail you some more stuff including a list of people to call. Ask the person you call if you can attend one of their meetings. From there it's up to you to decide what to do.

What are the 4 H's?

It is the 4-H symbol to express the spirit and ideals of 4-H. Green is for growth and youth. White is for purity, sincerity and honesty. The H’s stand for:

Head - appreciating others, understanding our community, gaining knowledge

Heart - finding friendships, discovering yourself, cooperating with others

Hands - becoming involved, participating in projects, activities and events

Health - developing habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

What does 4-H do?

4-H offers young people ages 5-18 an opportunity to share learn and grow through a variety of enjoyable projects and events that help build self-confidence and other critical life skills.

The goal of the Lee County 4-H Program is to build strong productive citizens through the development of the whole person by providing opportunities for enjoyable, hands-on educational programs designed to develop leadership, citizenship and teamwork skills.

4-H reaches hundreds of youth in Lee County each year. Join us! Are You Into It?

Where does 4-H Meet?

Traditional 4-H clubs meet all over the county in places like recreation centers, barns, parks and sometimes churches.

Meeting times vary according to the club you join. Most have a formal or "business" meeting only once a month. Some meet more often depending on the time of year and the types of projects the club is involved with.

There are all kinds of other things you can get involved with as well. Leadership groups, special interest projects such as Livestock Judging or Model Rocketry and Aerospace groups, meet on their own schedule. You may or may not be a member of a traditional club at the same time. It's up to you.

A few more ways to get involved include after-school clubs, school enrichment projects and independent memberships. Call us for more details on these types of membership opportunities.

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